Derby MRT Cathedral Abseil 2017 - FAQs

Where can I register?
You can register on our shop here or download a paper registration form here

What does it involve?

You will climb the 189 steps of the 212ft, 16th century tower and enjoy perhaps the finest views of Derby city centre, whilst you wait to make an exciting descent back to the ground by abseiling down the outside of the tower. All under the watchful eye of mountain rescue experts.  

How much does it cost?

There is an initial £25 registration fee that covers all the costs of taking part, and you will be required to raise money in sponsorship to support the charitable beneficiaries of the event.

Do I have to raise sponsorship and if so, how much?

Yes. All participants must raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship to take part, or £60 if not in full time employment. The registration fee is not included as part of this amount.

Can I raise sponsorship online?

Yes, you can set up your own fundraising page for the abseil through Virgin Money Giving.

Do I need my own safety equipment?
You will be given all the equipment you need and will be fully briefed as to what to do on the day.

Do I need any experience?

No. You will be guided in everything by the experts in Derby Mountain Rescue Team. This event is open to everyone, from expert abseilers who want to try a new challenge, to people who’ve never looked over a high edge before.

I’m not the fittest person in the world. Can I still take part?

As long as you can climb the stairs to the top of the tower without assistance and have no disabilities or medical conditions that prevent you from being able to abseil, you can take part.  If you do have any fitness or disability issues that might cause you to need to take longer to climb the stairs (perhaps requiring a rest stop), then please let us know on the registration form and we will allow for this.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be a minimum of 14 years old on the 21st October 2017 to take part. There is no upper age limit.  As long as you are able to climb the tower stairs without assistance and have no problems that would affect your ability to carry out the abseiling, you are welcome to take part.

What are the organisations that benefit?

The charities are Derby Mountain Rescue itself, a voluntary  emergency service who provide search and rescue facilities across Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire and also the Derby Cathedral Chapter, which funds a variety of cathedral related projects. The monies raised will be split 60% to Derby Mountain Rescue & 40% to Derby Cathedral Chapter.

Can I raise money for my own choice of charity

No. This event is being organised by, and solely for, the benefit of Derby Mountain Rescue Team and the Derby Cathedral Chapter. There are a limited number of abseiling time slots available so all participants are expected to raise sponsorship for the organising charities.

Can I get an official photo?

Yes. Official photos of each participant, taken during the descent, will be available to purchase.  Prices and formats will be announced in due course.

Is it safe?

Yes. Every activity involves some small element of risk, but Derby Mountain Rescue will be taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants at all times.  Backup systems will be in place so that the team can take over control if an abseiler was to experience any problems